Friday, 15 July 2011

A Touch of Scandal

So it’s been another stressful week and I’ve had another make-up spree at Superdrug – oops.  Anyway, out of that there is some good - allow me to introduce to you today the latest darling of my make-up bag, Accessorize merged baked blush in 6 – Scandal.


This is my third blush from the current Accessorize cosmetics collection (pics of my other two can be found here) so I will try to do an overview post soon as I love them all.  I paid £5 at Superdrug.  This blush is quite red with gold veining.  It delivers quite a sheer red on the skin which can be built up and intensified.  The finish is really quite shimmery.  Here are a couple of pics of the blush on my cheeks.



Hope you can see the colour above as I think it adds a lovely flush to the skin.  I’m not wearing any other make-up apart from the blush in these pics but I think it would also look great worn with a green eyeshadow.  Like channelling the spirit of green and red apples on your face…or maybe a cherry orchard.  I’m feeling inspired by fruit at the moment!


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    1. Thank you! Since writing this post it's definitely become one of my favourite blushes.