Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cat’s Eye of the Day: NARS Dogon

I might turn this into a mini-series of my variations on a theme of cat’s eyes as it’s one of my favourite ways to wear my eyeshadow at the moment.

Today I had a play around with my NARS Dogon which I got yesterday.  Hopefully you’ll be able to appreciate the pigmentation in the shots below better than in my initial swatches as I was loathe to actually touch the product too much yesterday because it looked almost too beautiful to disturb!  I love the colours, they’re so multi-faceted and pigmented. 

In the shots below I’m wearing the Dogon duo and mascara – no eyeliner or eye pencil at all.  I used a flat shading brush, a pencil brush and a blending brush to create this look.





  1. this looks so cool, i'm going to try it with my urban decay now instead of revising!

  2. @coco - thank you! Urban Decay shadows are so colourful I think they'd be perfect to use for a look like this, have fun!