Friday, 5 August 2011

Famous Clearance at Superdrug

IMG_0412 IMG_0412
When I went to Superdrug today I discovered that they were doing a clearance of the Famous by Sue Moxley range with everything reduced to half price, so I decided to give a few (altogether eight!!) products a try.  Nothing cost more than £2.50 so the little haul you see above was less than £20.


Eyeshadow singles above from top left:

eyeshadow matt shade 4 (light green); eye shadow shimmer shade 7 (emerald); eye shadow shimmer shade 12 (purple); eye shadow shimmer shade 14 (violet)

There was a large range of shadows in both shimmer and matt finishes but when I was swatching the testers in the store I felt that the matt shades were a lot less pigmented than the shimmers so I only picked up one, the light green.  The pigmentation of the shimmer shades is OK to good, but at £2 each for 3.8g I’m not complaining, and I do think that the two purple shades in particular are lovely.


Next up I bought some Shimmer Eye Dusts for £2.50 each.

clockwise from top left: Party Time, Antique Gold, Molten.



The consistency of these eye dusts is fine and smooth and the colours are very pigmented and shimmery.  However just be careful how you store them as you can see how messy they are when you open them in the picture above!  I wore antique gold with the eyeshadow in violet in a lovely golden cat's eye look today.  (It’s a look I’m really enjoying at the moment so I’ll try to post some pics this weekend). The colours lasted quite well but did seem to fade into each other by the end of the day, but I was pretty impressed by the quality given the price.


I’m quite into my gold eyeshadows at the moment because they’re flattering and work well in so many colour combinations.  I think Antique Gold above looks great when paired with both the purple and the brown shades.

Finally I bought a Blusher with Highlighter in Shade 3 – Country Rose for £2.50 because I’ve been in the mood for a dark pink blusher this week.

The packaging is really quite dinky, with a see-through lid (I like it when you can see the product) and lower compartment housing a perfectly useable mirror and little blusher brush, although unfortunately I can’t see them being that useful for me as the brush is a bit too scratchy for my liking and I don’t tend to carry a blush around with me in my bag.

IMG_0465 IMG_0467

The highlight is so small it’s difficult to pick it up on its own but it can be mixed in with the blush to varying degrees to create different shades.  I’ve swatched the highlight, blush and a mixture of both below.  I do really like this shade though which is just what I was looking for – something noticeable but quite natural looking and not too dark.


So if you have a Famous stand in a Superdrug near you it might be worth checking out as you might be able to pick up a bargain or two, and the products are so cheap at the moment it won’t break the bank if you’d like to experiment with some new colours and textures.

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