Saturday, 6 August 2011

Gold and Purple Cat’s Eye

Just wanted to post a few photos to show the eyeshadow look I’ve been sporting most of this week in different colours on a similar theme of light and dark.  In these shots I’m wearing two of the shimmer eye dusts that I mentioned in my recent Famous Clearance at Superdrug post in Antique Gold and Party Time:


I really like this look and today in particular I was feeling quite a retro vibe with it because despite blow-drying my hair as normal I somehow managed to achieve Charlie’s Angels style huge waves in my hair (I like) and my skin and lips were so pale.  My eyes were quite made up so I wanted to balance them with a nude lip and wore my Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick in Cappuccino.  I love this lipstick; it has such a creamy consistency and the colour is absolutely beautiful on the lips.  I’m also going to see if they have a slightly darker shade that can bring more colour to my complexion next time I’m in Superdrug.

My skin looks really pale because for one I wore foundation today which I haven’t done for a couple of months because it’s been so hot, and for another I didn’t bother with any blush.  It may be because of the hot humid weather we’ve been having lately, or perhaps for some other reason altogether but my skin’s looking a bit bumpy and red along my jaw line at the moment with a lot of blocked/inflammed pores so I popped several drops of blended tea tree oil onto my sponge before applying my foundation to hopefully give my skin a bit of anti-bacterial treatment during the day and gave powder a miss, which also meant no blush.  Tea tree oil is probably the most effective skin treatment I’ve ever found for myself.  Usually I pop some on my skin at night before going to bed when I get a break out or flare up and my skin has noticeably improved when I wake up.  It seemed to do the trick again today as I went out shopping just after taking these photos and my skin was a lot calmer by the time I got home.



Again this look was really simple to achieve and involved minimal blending.  I used a creamy eyeshadow stick as a base and whacked the gold shimmer dust on top on the inner half of my eyelids, then used a smaller eyeshadow brush to create a winged shape on the outside of my lids with the purple.  I did have to use the purple shimmer dust wet in the end to achieve the intensity that I wanted but I was pretty happy with this look in the end.  I skipped eyeliner as usual and simply finished with two coats of black mascara.

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