Sunday, 21 August 2011

Inspired by Orchids

I’ve gone crazy for pot plants this week (I bought four!) and this gently colourful look was inspired by my lovely double stemmed moth orchid whom I have named Charlie.  (I like giving things names).


Charlie is mostly white with some gentle pink flushes and more vibrant and stark purply markings inside the flower.  Here’s the look I came up with.



Both eyes are actually slightly different which I hope you can see more clearly in the comparison below.


Bit of a weird set-up for my photo there, but I found it was the best way to illustrate the subtle differences in each eye’s make-up.

Here are the main products I used to create the look.


I applied quite a thick layer of the pink cream from the Sleek primer palette (above, top right) all over my lids and on the lower inner corner because I wanted some of the colour to show in the finished look, though in hindsight this wasn’t the best primer to choose as it’s already begun creasing after a couple of hours – I guess it works best when you apply a very thin layer

Next up I used a smallish eyeshadow brush to pat on a sparkly white powder eyeshadow.  The one I used was exceptionally glittery and did have a lot of fall out, but I find that using a creamy base can help to “catch” the glitter as you work it out and reduces fall out.

Next up I loaded the tip of a slanted eyeliner brush with a bright pink powder eyeshadow.  Today I used a bright pink but I actually think that any bright colour would look great.

I looked down and held my eyelid taut with one finger then applied a few bold lines, each in just a couple of decisive strokes because I felt that helped create a more ad hoc feel.  I created slightly different lines on each eye.  I then went back to the large fluffy blending brush that I’d used earlier to blend the pink lines into the white on the eyelid using a circular motion.  The result was a hazy pink-white on the outer corner of my eyelids.  I then finished the eyes with a couple of coats of mascara.  I only have black mascara as that’s the natural colour of my lashes anyway but I think this look would work well with brown mascara as it was inspired by flowers and brown is a more organic colour.

I then added a pink blush (pictured in collage above, bottom right) and shiny pink lipbalm which I think pulled the whole look together nicely.  Now I think I’m ready to go out…to buy some plant food!

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