Sunday, 3 April 2011

Accessorize Nail Polish in Dove

I’ve been on the look-out for a grey nail polish and after browsing every single make-up brand in Superdrug this afternoon I finally decided to try out the Accessorize nail polish in Dove which cost £4.
I was really hoping to pick up a light matte grey because I didn’t want it to look silver.  This shade has quite a shimmery finish so it’s not quite my perfect grey, but I think the colour is quite nice.  Here are a couple of pics of the bottle and my nails after two coats.
The consistency of the polish was quite runny but I was happy with the coverage that I got with two coats and it dried quickly enough that I managed not to smudge it, which is always a huge plus.  I also find that thinner nail polishes tend to last longer before they chip.  At £4 for 10ml it’s neither cheap nor expensive and the packaging is nothing special, but it’s a nice enough neutral, everyday colour so while my search for the perfect matte grey goes on I’m still glad that I bought Dove in the meantime.
I wore this nail varnish for four days without a top coat before it chipped which I would say is pretty impressive for me - usually I feel lucky if I get more than two days out of a varnish before it begins to chip.

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