Monday, 25 April 2011

Feelin’ Green

Ah, another beautiful Spring morning in London, another perfect day for bright eyeshadow!


I’ve been wearing quite a lot of blue recently but today I was in the mood for some green – and lots of it!  I decided to just go for a rounded block of colour across my whole eyelid with just the tiniest bit of definition.


Creating the Look

I applied light green eye pencil as a base across my eyelid up to the crease and smoothed it out with my ring finger to leave a very thin layer.  I do like using eye pencils as bases as glitters stick to them well and they are less drying to my skin than silicon based primers.
I patted a bright green eyeshadow over my eyelid and blended out in a round shape above my crease.  I did this twice to get the colour intensity that I was after. I then applied a teeny bit of a silvery green on the inner corner of my eye and blended up and out in an arch above my crease.

For some added definition I used a metallic green eyeliner along my upper lash line.  It adds a really striking contrast as it's metallic and lighter than the main colour on my lids, and as a result opens up my eyes rather than making them appear smaller which black eyeliner tends to do.

I was thinking about using purple mascara but just went for black for the extra definition it offers in the end.  I then tidied up my lower lash line and the outer edges of the shadow to leave the look with a modern, crisp feel using a cotton wool pad soaked in some eye make up remover – it’s the absolute easiest way to create crisp lines with your eyeshadow.  No need to muck about with fiddly masking tape around your eyes to create straight lines.

I also wore my favourite pink blush which is the Accessorize merged blusher in Starlet and dusted some pink shimmer along my cheekbones and temples.  I’m loving shiny pink cheeks this year and have decided they go with everything!

First step & last step:
The green eye pencil that I used as a base for my eyeshadow and black mascara to finish.


I used the green from the Glam Metallics range of eyeliners by Collection 2000.  There’s so much to recommend these eyeliners – great colours, huge tubes, good brushes, long wearing formula AND super cheap on top of all that.  I just have two tips when using them: try not to blink until they are dry on your eyelid as they are a bit runny and can transfer to your upper eyelid if you accidentally blink too vigourously before they’re dry, and use a spot of oil to remove them at the end of the day if you’re having trouble getting them off with just your normal cleanser.


My favourite blush + a shimmer brick to add some pink shine to my complexion.

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