Saturday, 16 April 2011

Daytime Smoky Eye

Firstly, today is Saturday – hooray!  Secondly, that means I finally got round to playing with my new Famous by Sue Moxley eyeshadow palette in Cafe Culture which I wrote about here and I came up with a cute daytime smoky eye look.
As I mentioned in my previous post the colours are all super shimmery so I ended up with a look that reminded me of Tesco’s Cookies and Cream cupcakes – mmm.  (I totally recommend them to fans of cupcakes, they’re yummy).
IMG_7427 IMG_7436
This is me trying to look demure… then giving up and deciding this look was best offset with a big grin!
Some close ups:
IMG_7432 IMG_7431
As you can see I’m a fan of big flicks!
This was really simple and took me about 10 min to do:
  • prime eyelid by applying a thin layer of BarryM shimmering eye and lip crayon.  You can use any colour but I have the gold.  I usually rub it over my eyelid up to the crease then tap it out across my lid and above my crease with my ring finger. (2 min).
  • apply the light creamy shade from the Cafe Culture palette to the inner 1/3 of the eyelid using the foam applicator to pack the colour on, then blend up to the brow bone and across the lid slightly with a brush.  Concentrate the colour more towards the inner corner. (2 min).
  • apply the lightest brown shade from the palette to the outer corner of the eye.  I packed some on in the corner using the foam applicator then blended into the lid with a blending brush. (2 min)
  • now create a cool flick: I drew a line along the outer 2/3 of my upper lash line with a brown pencil (the softer the pencil the better for this – you can also soften eyepencils by rubbing them along the back of your hand first) then extended the line slightly beyond the end of my lash line.  I then dipped the tip of a flat eyeshadow brush into the second darkest brown in the palette and stroked the eyeshadow on top of the eye pencil, and at this point I really dragged the colour out into a huge flick.  I find that using a really flat eyeshadow brush or liner brush helps create the sharpest flicks. (2-4 min)
  • I finished with Fearne Cotton black mascara (I got this in a Christmas set from Boots so I’m not sure if it’s currently available).  It works really well on my short stumpy lashes!
I really like the finished look although it is really really shiny so I might use a matter gold shade next time instead of the one from the palette for a slightly tamer daytime look.
I do like this palette so far but I have found one teensy problem with it, which is that the colours are just so soft and crumbly.  I’ve only used it a couple of times but I’ve made quite a dent in the first two colours already – maybe you can see from the pics below:
IMG_7409 IMG_7472
before using today after using today
Well to be honest I’m not too bothered about making dents in my palette as the shadows are so huge I’m sure they won’t run out quickly, but I did find that the consistency made it a bit difficult to get even coverage and my palette gets a bit messy with blobs of eyeshadow falling out of their pans and mixing with the other colours.  I had to put some effort in to blend the light creamy shade into an even covering and there was quite a bit of fall out from all the shades. 
However, crumbliness and fall-out aside I do like this palette and at £6 I think it was a good buy.

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