Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Famous by Sue Moxley Cafe Culture Palette

Famous by Sue Moxley is a brand that I've only really started noticing this year after having seen some positive reviews on YouTube.  I have one of the bronzers, a shimmer brick, a sparkly eyeshadow, and now the latest addition to my collection which is the Cafe Culture eyeshadow palette.

I picked this up when it was on special offer in Superdrug for £6 instead of its normal price of £9.  You get four generously sized eyeshadows which therefore work out at £1.50 each if you manage to get the palette at its special offer price.

The palette is quite cheap looking black plastic, but it's what's inside that counts the most, right?  The lid contains a large mirror and a double-ended sponge applicator is also included.  I know a lot of people aren't fans of these applicators but I actually do use them quite a lot.  I just find that they flick eyeshadow a lot less than brushes so I find them really useful for patting colour onto the eyelid before blending out with a brush.  And also, as they are included in so many palettes, why not use them?  Might as well get some use out of them if possible.

The shadows themselves are super-soft and crumbly - maybe just a bit too crumbly even.  I wouldn't recommend travelling with this palette although it's a very convenient size - small and slim - because I'd worry about the shadows shattering.  They apply with a creamy texture which is due to the mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum) that they contain.  The colours are all super shiny and quite nicely pigmented as you can see in my swatch below, which I applied with the sponge applicator (so you can see that they are good at packing colour on).

The brown on the far right is actually a duochrome shade which is brown but reflects as green as well - this is possibly a dupe for a certain high-end shade but I don't actually own it myself so I can't comment.  My favourites are the light creamy colour which I think will be brilliant for applying in the inner corners of the eyes to reflect light into them and make them look sparklier and bigger and the brown next to it, which just reminds me of chocolate icing - delicious.

I haven't got any photos of me wearing these shadows on my eyes yet but I'm hoping to have a proper play around with this palette at the weekend so I will update this post then with any looks I manage to create and feedback on how it wears on the eyes etc.

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