Monday, 4 April 2011

Vintage Inspired Accessories from Oasis

I went shopping in Covent Garden on Sunday and picked up some cute vintage-inspired accessories from Oasis that were on sale.  Here’s my Babushka cushion helping me to model some of them for this post.  I picked up a necklace with a fabric flower corsage for £8 and matching flowery headband for £4.
I do love a nice string of pearls, and this one’s even more versatile than normal pearls (I like them because I think they’re easy to both dress up and dress down) as the corsage on the flower is actually a removable brooch so you can wear the pieces separately or together.  It’s a nice idea that I might try out with some other necklace/brooch combos.
Here’s a closer look at the headband as modelled by Babushka and me.  It’s an accessory that’s both practical and cute as it’s good for keeping my short hair out of my eyes!
I was feeling the vintage vibe so I picked up this statement ring too which was half-price at £5.  It’s huge, looks like a mini work of art, and I think it goes nicely with my grey nail varnish in this shot – what more could a girl ask for?

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