Saturday, 7 May 2011

Blue Eyes

I received some quite annoying news this morning which put me in a bit of a grumpy mood.  Well, that’s no way to start a weekend so I set about cheering myself up by playing with my make-up.  (I’m happy to say that not only did I feel much better after having played with my make-up but I have also largely solved my problem from this morning, so I am once again a happy bunny – hooray).

I’ve had a rather annoying cold this week which involved loads of sneezing and nose-blowing which really whacked my skin, so I used a hydrating foundation and quite a lot of bronzer for the first time this year so my skin looks quite glowy in these pics.


I ended up wearing quite a lot of make-up compared to what I normally would for a daytime look but I really liked the colours so I went out during the day wearing this look.  I think it’s also perfect for me as an evening look – a soft wash of colour all over the lid with lots of definition at the lashes, shimmery cheeks, and glossy pink lips.

Creating the Look

First I applied a generous layer of foundation before dusting a shimmery bronzer over my cheek bones and temples.  My absolute favourite is the Shimmy Shimmers in Bronze Shimmer by MeMeMe.  I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and it’s such a great pick-me-up product (and also as you can see from the pic below mine still looks as if it’s hardly been used!)


I used two colours from the Sleek primer palette as a base for my eyeshadow: the silver (1st on right, top row) all over my eyes to the brows, and the blue (2nd from left, top row) over my lids to the crease.


Here are some swatches to show how the colours apply.  I always apply and blend these using my fingers rather than the brush provided – I find it’s the best way to both pick up the product and blend it out to a workably thin layer.

IMG_8360 1. silver – thick coat, suitable if using alone as a cream eyeshadow

2. silver – thinly applied, suitable if using as an eyeshadow base

3. blue - thick coat, suitable if using alone as a cream eyeshadow

4. blue - thinly applied, suitable if using as an eyeshadow base

I applied Body Shop eye shimmer in indigo over my entire lid, blending it out to just beneath my brows.

I then drew quite a thick line near my upper lashes using a metallic blue eye pencil.  I smudged the line out with a small brush then applied more eye shimmer on top.  I really like this eyeshadow as it’s super-iridescent and takes on quite a different hue when applied over eyepencil.

I then added some finer definition near my upper lashes using an electric blue liquid eyeliner and finally added tons of mascara to finish my eyes.

Finally I thought I’d pop on some peachy lipgloss and I was good to go (after first posing for some pics for this blog entry of course!)


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