Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Discovering Sleek True Colour Lipstick

I actually usually buy lipstick out of necessity rather than on a whim because I only tend to wear very neutral colours, so I can happily wear the same lipstick every day for three months until it runs out or the weather changes and I want to switch to a different formulation.  However I was in the mood to buy some make-up after work this week and when I went into Superdrug I saw that there was a special offer on Sleek True Colour lipsticks to buy two for £6 (normally £3.99 each) so I thought I’d break out of my comfort zone and give something different a try.

I first bought a very nude shade called Barely There and a bright orange shade called Coral Reef.  The lipsticks in the range are available in either a sheen or matte finish but I much prefer sheen finishes so that’s what I went for with both (there are similar shades to these available in a matte finish but they have different names).

They come in individual cardboard packaging which shows on the front (bottom left) that you get 3.5g of product.


I don’t think the shades on the box are very indicative of the actual colours of the lipsticks though…see how similar both Coral Reef and Barely There look on the boxes.



but just check out the colours in the swatches on my skin!


Coral Reef is a bright orange while Barely There is very nude (maybe caramel?)

These lipsticks are so pigmented.  The best way I can think to describe them in fact is like pigment for your lips.  They are totally opaque with the result that none of your natural lip colour shows through the lipstick, and the swatches are quite a true indication of the colour you can actually expect on your lips.  Barely There reminds me a bit of the colour that Angelina Jolie used to wear on her lips when she was younger and wore them nude and pouty, so I would suggest this shade for achieving a similar effect if you are interested in that kind of lip look.  I am going to be whipping out my lip liner when I have a bit more time at the weekend to experiment a bit more with Barely There in fact!

Here’s a close up of the lipsticks to show you the packaging and lipstick in more detail.


Well, in fact I was so impressed by these two lippies that I went out and bought another two shades from the range today (could this be the beginning of my conversion to lipstick junkie?!)

This time I went for a slightly darker neutral called Liqueur that is more similar to my actual lip colour and a bright pink called simply Fuschia – but again both in sheen finishes.


And here’s a swatch.  Both absolutely gorgeous again!  If you like your lipsticks then I definitely recommend checking out this range in your nearest Superdrug – I think you really just have to have a play around with them to believe how pigmented they are.


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