Sunday, 1 May 2011

Peachy Lids & Green Brows

Today I'd just like to show the super-quick look I wore on my eyes and share a few thoughts on the Sleek Primer Palette.

I paired a really light and sparkly peachy colour on my lids with some light green eyebrows.  I don’t usually do anything to my eyebrows on a daily basis but the colour on my lids was so subtle I thought I could get away with adding a bit of colour today.  I have a light green eyepencil that’s a got quite a hard consistency which makes it very difficult to use on my eyelids but which make it perfect for drawing in brows so I thought I might as well get some use out of it as throw it away, and as you can see from my pics it’s a really subtle effect.

Creating the Look

The colour in this look is concentrated just above the crease.  I used the light orange cream colour from the Sleek Primer Palette as a base, patting out a thin layer over my crease and just above with my ring finger.

I then blended a peachy eyeshadow on top with a big fluffy eyeshadow brush, blending the colour right out at the edges to leave a soft cloud of colour, followed by a couple of coats of black mascara, and shaded my brows in with a light green eyepencil, and that was it – simple.

Sleek Primer Palette

I bought my Sleek Primer palette pretty much when it was released back in Feb so I’ve had it for a few months now.  I haven’t actually tried all the colours yet so instead of doing a full review I thought I’d pop some of my observations in at the end of this post.

So first things first here's a huge pic of the palette to allow you to have a good look at the colours.  There's a mix of brights and lights. 

I don’t like the brush that was included with the palette because it’s quite tiny and sheds terribly, so I always apply these with my fingers (as you can see from the paw prints all over the colours in the pic above) and I find that the warmth from my fingers helps blend the colours out into a nice thin layer.  Is a palette of 12 different coloured cream bases necessary?  In all honesty I don’t think so as I tend to use either a nude coloured primer or simply a matching eyepencil as bases, but these colours are actually quite highly pigmented themselves so it’s a good buy if you like cream shadows as they can all be worn on their own to produce gentle to intense washes of colour (depending on the shade), and it does contain some nice colours.

The colours that I’ve tried have helped to make my eyeshadows more vibrant and longer lasting, and while they will crease after some hours, as all cream products will, one of the advantages of cream products over silicone based ones is that they’re far less drying on the skin, which is why I actually prefer them.  They’re also good if you want to wear glitter or pigments, as I find that their creamy texture grips onto glitter better and increases the intensity and colour payoff that can be achieved.

So all in all – it’s not a necessary product, so I would only recommend it if you think you could get some use out of a palette of cream colours.

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