Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pastel Polka Dots

After not having bought any new nail varnishes for about a year I’ve gone a bit nail crazy over the past couple of months and added another two colours to my collection today when I picked up shades 317 Blue Moon and 318 Peach Melba by BarryM in Superdrug on my way home from work.  They normally retail at around £2.99 each in Superdrug for 10ml but at the moment they’re on special offer at two for £5.


I think these colours are so lovely and capture the early summer mood that I’m in at the moment so perfectly that I wanted to use them straight away so I painted all my finger nails with Peach Melba (2 thin coats dried quickly to give great opaque coverage), then decided to pop some Blue Moon polka dots on top.  Actually Peach Melba is such an opaque peach that I'm not really sure if it suits me that well on its own, but I think that it looks really nice together with a splash of Blue Moon.

I don’t have any special nail art tools so I just grabbed a wooden skewer from my kitchen, carefully cut the top off, buffed down the ends with a rough nail file, and used the rounded tip to create the polka dots on my nails.

For some reason they make me think of a French umbrella from the ‘60s…maybe because I recently saw the musical “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” in the West End.  Anyway, quite cute in any case methinks!


Showing off my finished nails with a bit of help from my favourite keyring…IMG_8429

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