Sunday, 4 September 2011

5 Minute Smokey Eye

What do you get when you have five minutes, one awesome sparkly black eyeshadow and a domed eyeshadow brush?  Well, I managed to come up with this:


I created this look not because I was going out and running late (I do not have an exciting night life at all these days ha ha) but to showcase an eyeshadow from my new favourite range, Blingtone by Myface Cosmetics and to show just how simple it is to create stunning effects with them.

Here’s the shade I used today which is the most recent addition to my small but quickly growing collection of them, Black Ice:


I actually used a primer on one eye (the black from the Sleek primer palette) and none for the other just to show the difference.  The black cream primer makes the colour more intense and the shape more defined, with the shadow going on more of a charcoal grey when used by itself.  The difference is a little bit more obvious in the close up shots below – primed eye on the left; unprimed eye on the right.


I think the end effect is stunning and it was so simple to create.  I just used a domed eyeshadow brush to pop a generous helping of shadow all over my lids to the crease then without adding any more colour used the same brush to blend the colour at the edges, then finished with plenty of black mascara.  The eyeshadow is great quality – it applies intensely, is easy to blend and lasts all day.  They blow my previous favourite glitter eyeshadows which were by Urban Decay out of the water because the glitter in these doesn’t spill all over your face unlike certain glitter bombs by UD.  I’ve been buying Blingtones at the rate of one a week since my first one and I’ve been so impressed with them so far that I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop now until I have them all!

Myface Cosmetics are available from selected Boots and online direct from Myfacecosmetics.

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