Monday, 5 September 2011

Cat’s Eye of the Day: Leopard Print

I enjoyed wearing yesterday’s texturised eyeshadow look inspired by grass so much that I decided to wear another texturised look today.  This time it’s a Cat’s Eye in two senses of the word embracing both the shape and print.


This is another super-easy non-blended look – my favourite kind!  I used a couple of shadows from Sleek eyeshadow palettes as they have some great vivid colours.  You could really use any colour combination for this look.  First I applied the peachy orange from the Sleek Primer Palette as a base then I blended a light shimmery gold using a large eyeshadow brush all over my lids up to my brows.  I then patted on a matte orange eyeshadow in a triangular shape on the outer 2/3 of my eye.  I did take a few minutes to construct the shape and blend it out at the edges – this was the part that took the longest.  I then added my leopard spots using a liquid eyeliner by Gosh – they’re perfect for this pattern as the consistency is a bit thick and they’re waterproof.  I have quite watery eyes so a waterproof eyeliner is essential for this kind of look for me otherwise it’s smudged all over my lids before I’m out of my front door (I speak from experience!)

I then finished up with loads of black mascara, bronzer (I used one by Accessorize that perfectly suits my pale skin), radiance powder by Pixi and lipgloss.  I hadn’t worn bronzer for ages and I’d forgotten how amazing it can be for sculpting the face – I have to admit that I am posing terribly and sucking my cheeks in a bit in the top photo, but I just couldn’t help it!

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