Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palettes 06 & 22

I love Body Shop shimmer cube palettes; I even store mine in their own special tin box where I can admire them like some kind of exotic sweets…


They normally retail at £16 so I only buy them if they’re on sale or there’s a special offer and happily for me Body Shop were offering 30% off to Loyalty Card holders so I took the opportunity to add another two to my collection for just £11.20.  You get 4 x 3.5g of product which is a huge amount of eyeshadow and I’ve hardly ever managed to make more than a tiny dent in any of mine so it does represent good value for the amount and quality of product that you get.

They can be used wet or dry but the colour pay off ranges from very subtle to intense, so it’s a good idea to check the testers before buying as the colour in the pan doesn’t always reflect how they will look on skin.  I think they’re mostly limited edition and at the moment I think there are currently five palettes on sale in The Body Shop.  I bought the green palette which is 22 and the brown/warm palette which is 06.


It’s testimony to how much I love these that I actually bought a palette full of browns as I’m really not a neutrals kind of gal, but these colours just look so delicious that I decided to buy them.  Their names are absolutely perfect as they reflect exactly what I think of when I look at them:


I almost feel like rushing out to buy a Cadbury’s Crunchie and a hot chocolate when I look at these colours, mmm!

I think my favourite colour from the green palette is 03 Silver Grey because it’s quite an unusual colour and makes me think of antique metal.


All these swatches were done dry in natural light.  As the name would suggest they are all very shimmery so best avoided if you like your colours matte, otherwise if you love a bit of glimmer it’s definitely worth adding one or two of these little beauties to your stash.

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