Sunday, 4 September 2011

Grass Eyes

I went to the flower market on Columbia Road near Old Street with a friend today so to mark the occassion I created an eye make-up look inspired by grass blowing in the wind.



I used Urban Decay primer potion as a base then applied a light yellow eyeshadow all over my eyelids up to the brows.  I then patted on a light green on the outer corners of my lids and along the outside of my lower lash line.  I applied the green in a very approximate fashion as I just wanted to get some colour on without worrying too much about the shape.  I wanted to use a green liquid liner for the next step but to be honest I couldn’t remember where I’d put mine (oops!) so I had to use a green eyepencil instead.  I would say that this has to be done with a very smooth eyepencil, as you really don’t want to be tugging away at your poor eyelids as you create the “blades of grass” effect – ouch.  I used a No. 7 metallic eyepencil which is lovely and creamy and applies with practically no pressure.  I just applied strokes of green outward across the outer 2/3 of my eyelids in a triangular shape and lined along my upper lash line.  I then finished the look with a generous helping of black mascara, and that was it – simple.  (I’m also wearing foundation, radiance powder on my cheeks and lipgloss in the photos above).

The flower market was amazing and I definitely recommend a visit if you live in London.  We did get caught in the rain but on the plus side that meant that we got even more bargains as the flower sellers tried to encourage people to keep spending instead of just rushing off home.  Here’s a quick collage of some of the flowers I currently have adorning my home – the bottom row shows two of my new chilli plants, which have the double benefits of being both colourful and edible, yum!


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