Saturday, 24 September 2011

Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss

Lipgloss is one of my favourite make-up products as it’s so quick and easy to apply and I have such naturally pale lips that a strategic slick of gloss can really perk up my whole face.  Today I have a couple of snaps to show you of my new Rimmel Vinyl Max lipgloss in shade 131 Dazzle.  These glosses currently retail for just over £5 full price for 8ml making them a fairly average high street buy, and the tag line on the product is “One Stroke Maxi Shine Lipgloss”.


The packaging looks fairly standard, with Dazzle looking a lovely bright pink in the tube.  However the first surprise you get is when you see the size of the doe foot applicator – it’s absolutely massive!  In the picture above it makes the tube itself look tiny but it’s quite large and contains a generous 8ml of product.  The applicator is actually as big as the tip of my thumb:


Here’s how I got on when I applied the product on my lips.  You can see in the second photo that the tip of the applicator is indeed big enough to cover the surface of my lips in one stroke.

Top: nude lips, no product

Middle: applying a thick layer of gloss

Bottom: gloss on both lips


I have to say that in the picture above I am wearing a lot of gloss – the product is actually not very pigmented so in order to get some pink colour pay off I had to apply a really thick layer.  The shine is good though so you will get shine from a thin layer, just no colour, so this product is a safe bet if you like your glosses to glisten rather than be pigmented.

I found the product quite sticky but in spite of this it didn’t last that long on my lips – two hours max with no eating or drinking.  The consistency reminded me a lot of the Rimmel Sweet Jelly glosses which I think are now discontinued and were never a favourite of mine.  The applicator is different to any other I’ve ever tried but to be honest I’m not that big a fan of doe-foot applicators anyway with brushes probably being my favourite form of lip gloss applicator – they pick up plenty of product and allow you to be very precise in your application.  This applicator was also so huge I had to be careful not to get gloss all around my mouth outside my lip line!  All in all I didn’t really like this gloss and I wouldn’t buy it again, but I have had good experiences with other Rimmel lipglosses - their Volume Boosting lipglosses were a particular favourite of mine, although sadly I believe that they were discontinued a while ago (I was really disappointed when I found out as I really loved them!)  I also like their Stay Glossy which has a lovely creamy consistency, is moisturising, and is a dream to wear.  The colour of this Vinyl Max gloss is nice so I will be keeping it in my handbag for everyday wear but once it’s run out I’ll probably pick up a nice bright pink from the Stay Glossy range to replace it with instead.

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