Friday, 29 March 2013

Glitter Disappointment from Claire’s Accessories


Most people consider glitter to be more appropriate as an arts and crafts material for small children than as make-up, but y’know what? I love to incorporate glitter in my look whenever I feel like wearing something colourful, shiny and metallic and don’t care that it’s generally considered inappropriate on ladies aged over 18. Yes, I’m happy to admit that I’m a 30 year old glitter fan.

I thought that this eye glitter palette from Claire’s (£7), with its selection of 10 varied colours, would be perfect for weekends or jazzing up my eyelids and temples during the week for mid-week nights out. Unfortunately having used this a few times now I have to say that I’m less than impressed.

Each colour merely contains a dusting of glitter over a layer of vaseline-like cream, and the pans are very thin. I didn’t do any swatches for the blog because swatching alone would probably have used up about half of the glitter in the product! I’d used this palette about three times before taking the photos below. You can clearly see how I’ve already hit pan on the dark pink. The glitter itself is fine – very fine and flat so it sits well on the skin, but I was really disappointed by this as I feel the product is presented very deceptively. I also don’t understand why the glitter is not simply mixed with the cream all the way through instead of just finely layered on top.




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