Saturday, 16 March 2013

Urban Decay Glinda Palette

Today I have some pics and swatches of one of my latest acquisitions, the Urban Decay Glinda palette. This is one of two palettes that Urban Decay have released in conjunction with the Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful. I’m not a fan of Disney but I liked the colours in this palette so I decided to pick it up.



The palette comes in a cardboard box with a picture of Michelle Williams as Glinda on the back, along with the shades and names of the colours in the palette. Inside there’s also a card with the same picture of Michelle Williams and a guide on how to use the colours in the palette to achieve the look. To be honest though, Michelle’s make-up in the picture looks nothing like the look on the card which is a smokey purple as you can’t actually see any of her eyeshadow in the photo that they chose to use!


Shades from left to right, top row: Tornado, Aura (duo eyeshadow), Magic.

Bottom row: Illusion, Oz (duo eyeshadow), South

The lid of the palette is filled with a massive mirror, but it doesn’t stand up on its own so is quite awkward to use. I prefer to use a smaller, handheld mirror when doing my make-up.


The palette also comes with a 3/4 sized 24/7 eye pencil in the aubergine shade “Rockstar” (which I now have about 3 different versions of from various palettes and collections…) and a super-saturated lip gloss pencil in a nude shade (not pictured here).


The palette is housed in the new “Build Your Own” packaging which to be honest I’m not a fan of. It’s very bulky and the eyeshadow pans don’t seem to sit quite right. I don’t know why they didn’t come up with a magnetic system seeing as their eyeshadows sit in metallic pans. Anyhow it is nice that you can pop the colours out and swap them around however the fancy takes you.
















Left to right: Tornado, Aura, Magic, Illusion, Oz, South, Rockstar


Above: Illusion, Oz, South, Rockstar

I do really like the selection of colours in this palette, with the duo-chrome sheens on Aura being particularly beautiful (my photos don’t do them full justice). I also like the fact that you can create both a subtle day time look or a smokier, more glamourous look with the colours in the palette.

The shadows are all smooth and pigmented, and there isn’t too much glitter in this palette thankfully which is usually Urban Decay’s weak point (in that their glitter eyeshadows tend to fall down from the eyelids and all over the face!). I would say that if you are interested in these colours and looking for a new everyday palette then this is definitely worth checking out. The price of £35 RRP actually represents excellent value for money when you consider that their eyeshadows normally retail at £14 EACH – so for the price of this whole set you would normally only be able to pick up 2 and a bit eyeshadows, but here you get 6 full sized shadows in 8 shades (thanks to the two duo shadows), a lip gloss pencil (also usually £14 each) and a 3/4 sized eye pencil.

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