Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring 2013

Well I’ve given up waiting for the weather to turn before posting any spring looks. Yes, with snow in London even now it seems like we’re in danger of skipping from winter straight into summer this year and I could be wearing shimmery silvers and whites for a while yet if I want to continue matching my make-up to the weather, so this weekend I decided to throw a bit of colour in to my look with a bit of lilac and blue.



As you can see I’ve applied lilac liberally all around the inner corner of my eye as the shimmer reflects oodles of light and makes my eyes look more lively and awake.

I love lilac and blue eyeshadow…they are definitely two of my current favourite shades along with lime green and pink. A look containing all four of those colours would be my dream look but using more than three shades together usually involves more effort than I can muster!

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