Sunday, 19 August 2012

Keeping Cool

Phew, it sure has been hot in London this weekend!  There was no option but to go for cool colours all over my face today.



I used some old favourites and some new products.  It’s a pretty uncomplicated look but I think the result is still quite striking and cute.

First up I swept a shimmery lilac all over my lids then applied a turquoise gel eyeliner.  The eyeshadow was a mixture of the two lightest shades from my new Look Beauty Triple Hit eyeshadow trio in Party Fever and the eyeliner was one of the new MUA gel eyeliners in the shade Tribe. The product comes with an integrated brush in the lid – you just have to remove the protective sticker and click it together.



This eyeshadow feels absolutely massive in its packaging and you do get a generous 10g for £7.50. The eyeshadows are quite smooth and pigmented and easy to apply and blend.  My only slight bugbear is that all the shades are shimmery – very shimmery – so you do end up with a very shiny and reflective result if you decide to use all the shades together to create a smokey eye. I can see myself using these shades individually or blended together as one colour to create a wash of block colour across my lids.

The gel eyeliner is a lovely colour and I quite like the fact that they have kept the packaging small and the price low (£3) as gel eyeliners have a habit of drying out long before you manage to use them all up.  The consistency is soft and creamy and it’s very forgiving when you apply it so it’s perfect for beginners.  It’s also long-lasting and easily lasts all day on me.The integrated brush is actually quite good too, even though the tip of mine was a bit bent.


I actually bought another shade of this eyeliner at the same time although I’m not wearing it in the photo above.  It’s a lovely sparkling grey in the shade Fairground. It has the same consistency and longevity as Tribe so I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re interested in gel eyeliners.



I used some blue mascara today as I wanted something more colourful than black.  I used the Body Shop super volume mascara which I think is fantastic and a product that I definitely don’t use as much as I should.


In keeping with my cool theme I went for this cool toned pink blush in the shade Sakura by MAC.  It was a limited edition from spring 2012 and a shade that I usually reserve for spring but it seemed to go well with the cool tones I used on my eyes. I’ve featured it several times on my blog already and you can click on the “MAC” label in my side bar to read the other entries.


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