Saturday, 25 August 2012

MUA Undressed and Dusk Till Dawn


Above: the MUA Undressed palette

Superdrug’s budget make-up range MUA are great for amazing value basics.  I don’t really wear neutral colours that often so I didn’t want to fork out on an expensive palette but I did want to update the shade range that I currently own so I decided to buy a couple of MUA palettes last week.  I’ve been trying them out for the past week and have to say that I’m really impressed with them so far.

Each palette contains 12 x 0.8g pans of eyeshadow so 9.6g in total and retails for £4 normal price, but at the moment there is actually an offer on the Undressed palette which you can pick up for just £3 if you manage to find one – they have been selling out pretty quick.

First up, here are some close ups of the Undressed pans followed by some swatches.


Below: top row, bottom row. There are no shade names, just Shades 1 – 12.



The consistency of these shadows is quite simply impressive, no doubt about it.  For £4 it seriously makes me question what certain other brands are charging so much more for when such quality can be produced for so little cost. It’s clear to see that costs have been cut on the packaging but it’s perfectly functional and I personally find it very useful that the lid of the palette is transparent as the shades in the palette can be seen without having to open it. 

As far as the colours are concerned, there’s an excellent selection of mainly cool-toned neutrals in a mix of shimmer and matte finishes. Shade 2 (2nd from left, top row) looks angelic on my skin tone (even if I do say so myself ha ha) and Shade 4 (4th from left, top row) is the perfect everyday light brown for me.  I like to wear it with plenty of eyeliner as per below.


The other palette that I bought is called Dusk Till Dawn and it contains a brilliant selection of neutrals and smokey colours that fits perfectly with its name.





A word of warning – that beautiful deep blue (shade 10, 4th from left bottom row) does stain.  If you can’t resist wearing it I would recommend wearing it over a trustworthy base to try to prevent staining, unless you don’t mind (I personally can’t stand staining – when I remove my make-up that generally means I don’t want to be sporting colourful eyelids anymore!) However, I’m again full of praise for this palette which offers so many possibilities in a great range of shades and has sneaked its way straight into the top of my current favourites.

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