Sunday, 26 August 2012

Some More Accessorize Eyeshadow Swatches

Last week I swatched a bunch of their eyeshadow duos and this week I thought I’d swatch some of their more autumnal shades as we do seem to be getting to that time of the year again (already?  Nope, I don’t know where the time goes either).

These aren’t all the Accessorize eyeshadows I own but they are most of them. I chose these shades to photograph today as they are the more earthly shades which seemed most autumnal to me. Although Accessorize eyeshadows normally retail for £4 each for 2.5g of product I got all of these on special offer so they either came with a set at a reduced price or I bought them on half-price offer for £2.





Vintage Rose


Purple Promise


Above left – right: Truffle, Vintage Rose, Purple Promise


Ultra Violet


Teal Tension





Below left – right: Ultra Violet, Teal Tension, Sage, Graphite


All of these shadows have a very creamy consistency (mineral oil is one of the main ingredients). Personally I like the consistency as it’s easy to get intense colour payoff from these shadows but I know some people prefer more powdery eyeshadows as they tend to be easier to start off subtle with and build up. All of these shadows last a full working day on me (I don’t usually wear make-up for more than 12 hours as I tend to wash my face when I get home in the evenings) over a primer.

The formula of Accessorize eyeshadows is very similar to that of the MUA eyeshadows I’ve tried and I’m sure there are similar shades in both ranges, so you may want to compare swatches of both brands if they are both available in store at the same time as the MUA shadows are even cheaper at £1 a pop.

My favourite shades out of this selection are Purple Promise, which is perfect for creating smokey eyes with and in my opinion more interesting than black and Ultra Violet, which is I would call a purple/blue duochrome.  However I know for a fact that it’s practically identical to shades by other budget brands too such as MUA, Colourworks and Sleek, so I would definitely recommend checking your collection first to see if you have something similar before buying this one (I actually discovered it’s identical to the purple shade in my Colourworks palette that I picked up last year). It is definitely a brilliant shade to have though as it’s just so beautiful and perfect for wearing both during the day and in the evening as it’s not so dark that it looks too smokey for the day but also not so light that it’s lost once the lights get turned down low.

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