Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tropical at Last

Well, a teeny bit tropical…here’s what happened when I finally cracked out some bronzer and bright eyeshadows.



The green is from the Sleek Monaco palette and is the same shade that I used in my Limeade look a couple of weeks back. The blue is from a random eyeshadow palette that I’ve had for ages but isn’t available anymore, but it’s a very common colour with similar peacock blue shades widely available from many brands.

I’m very pale but I warmed up my skin with a warm toned face powder and a light bronzer from Accessorize. The bronzer is the shade Bondai and the powder is the shade Warm Honey, which is a shade up from the colour I use in the winter. I do recommend these shades if you’re pale but want to warm up your complexion without creating too much of a contrast to your natural skin colour by using shades that are too dark. The lighter shade of the bronzer can also be used on its own as a golden highlighter.


Below from left – right: face powder in warm honey, Bondai light shade, Bondai dark shade, Bondai both shades blended outIMG_1452

I only use face powder down the centre of my face because I wear either blusher or bronzer anyway on my cheeks and temples so they don’t need powder first.  Even if you don’t wear anything on the sides of your face just powdering the centre (forehead, nose and chin) means that you mattify those areas whilst the dewy finish on the sides of your face will create natural highlights – plus this is also a great way to make your powder last twice as long as you only need to use half the amount!

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