Sunday, 19 August 2012

More like this, please!

Just how cute is this limited edition eyeshadow packaging by Bourjois?


This range actually came out a couple of years back if my memory serves me as part of a limited edition “Paris” series but I didn’t pick any up at the time and actually found this in TKMaxx recently. I’m a big fan of cute packaging and definitely think they should illustrate more of their products like this.



The shade is called Argent and while I’m not sure if it’s still currently available, it’s not a unique shade so it’s easy to find similar colours across different ranges. All Bourjois little round pot eyeshadows come with a mirror in the lid and a tiny tiny foam applicator which I guess most people chuck away but that I always find quite useful to keep. It’s a bright, cool toned silver with good pigmentation. I’m not the biggest fan of Bourjois eyeshadows though so I probably won’t be buying anymore unless they come up with some more cute packaging!


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