Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tiny Glass Chillies and Enamel Orchids

After visiting the excellent Ballgowns exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington today I picked up a couple of pieces of garden-inspired jewellery.  As befits the UKs leading design museum the V&A boasts an amazing shop full of gorgeous stationery, clothing, homeware, jewellery and more inspired by their archives, current collections and temporary exhibitions which I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in search of a special gift or just fancy treating yourself.

This tiny glass chilli ring was so much fun I just had to buy it at £4. I love the colours and the detail.



Secondly, here’s a pic of my candy-stripe phalaenopsis orchid which lives on my kitchen window sill…


And here’s a pic of my new orchid earrings – realistic, right? 


That’s because they are in fact real flowers which have been preserved in some form of resin. These were quite expensive for me at £20 but I’ve been lusting after these since their release months ago so I decided I should finally stop merely obsessing over them and finally get round to buying them today. I spent literally minutes going through the selection that they had in the shop as, being real flowers, each pair of earrings was different.  In the end I settled on these because of the amazing veining detail. If only I knew the secret of setting flowers in resin I would definitely try making more jewellery like this myself!

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